Our Approach

MK Design Group Inc.'s approach to Project Management is different. We believe in constant beneficial client communication. We also believe our approach to project management provides a platform for better design partner collaboration. This design process enable all program members to experience more control with fewer surprises and cost overruns than any other design methodology.

Every finished project is the result of an uncounted number of conversations. These conversations are between the ultimate owners of the buildings, the architects, developers and all FFE vendors required to make the best and most cost-efficient design and finished product possible.

For over 20 years, MK Design Group Inc. has been involved in many types of projects of many sizes. The company’s owner, MK Design Group, holds a degree in Architecture as well as Construction Technology, and has worked and been educated in some of the most respected Interior design, Architectural and Project Management firms as well as owner representative positions.

Our philosophy is based on good design which will create the strongest branding guideline for the owner, with a creative and forward thinking that is always one step beyond current standards. Working with many FFE vendors has allowed us to get the best sourcing and pricing for the final and most cost-effective project budget.

People need to interact with each other and share their ideas, work through conflicts, and arrive at an outcome together. Communication is our focus and the intended directive of MK Design Group Inc.


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